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User Agreement

Notice regarding copyrighted and trademarked artwork.

The display of any design or logo you request is for demonstration purposes only and does not indicate or imply that any such design or logo may be reproduced without the authorization of the owner of any trademark, copyright or other right in such design or logo.

The submission of any order constitutes a representation and warranty by the individual or entity submitting the order that such individual or entity is the owner of all trademarks or copyrighted material contained therein or has obtained any required consents or authorizations from the owner(s) to print such material.

Situations which warrant lawful reproduction

Many situations warrant lawful reproduction of trademarked or copyrighted logos and artwork, but only when the proper permission is obtained from the rightful owner of the design. Circumstances in which artwork is commonly reproduced include, but are not limited to, the following:

    * Competition endorsement by a manufacturer of a participant, (Ex: Duplication of a sponsor's logo for a car audio competition)
    * Replication of franchise or parent-company artwork by rightful partners, (Ex: a Re/Max balloon for a real estate agent's vehicle)
    * Advertising materials for parent companies, partner companies, or related entities who have obtained an endorsement from one another, (Ex: a Coca-Cola banner that includes the name of the restaurant in which it is placed)
    * Authorized materials of any kind that have been explicitly requested by the rightful owner, (Ex: an advertising company who orders 10,000 Budweiser decals for retail cooler displays for distribution through Budweiser)

Copyrights & trademarked logos
If John Doe were to submit an order for business cards to his local printer that includes a well-known trademarked logo of his real estate brokerage's parent company, the print shop cannot and does not contact the trademarked company to determine whether or not John Doe is truly a licensed real estate agent with the firm prior to going to print. There are tens of thousands of real estate agencies and agents at any time which and are changing daily. Similarly, no commercial printer has the ability to verify the authorization of each order prior to going to print. The responsibility of obtaining the proper authorization to reproduce artwork that is a registered trademark or copyright lies entirely with you and your company. You must secure the proper permission, if needed, before submitting any order that includes copyrighted logos or artwork. By continuing with your purchase you are conveying to us that YOU have authorization, or that you have secured permission to reproduce the requested trademark or logos for an authorized dealer, sponsor, advertiser, promotion, etc. We service advertising firms who are employed through direct, second, third, and fourth party contracts with many national manufacturers.


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